Comprehensive Estate Planning

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Benefits of Proper Estate Planning in Arizona

Ensure Your Wishes are Carried Out:

Securely document your desires for asset distribution, guardianship, and healthcare, ensuring your intentions guide decisions, bringing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Avoid Probate Court and Its Delays and Costs:

Sidestep costly delays by strategically organizing assets. Implement trusts for a seamless transfer, sparing your heirs unnecessary legal complications during an emotionally challenging time.

Protect Loved Ones from Financial Burden and Uncertainty:

Provide a financial safety net. Designate beneficiaries, offer clear directives to avoid disputes, and secure your family's financial stability during difficult times, preserving harmony.

Maintain Control Over Your Assets:

Retain authority over assets with trusts. Dictate their management and distribution, ensuring your wishes are followed both during your lifetime and after.

Control Healthcare Decisions:

Empower yourself with living wills and healthcare powers of attorney, specifying medical treatment preferences. Ease the burden on loved ones and ensure your healthcare wishes are honored.

Minimize Tax Liabilities:

Implement tax-efficient strategies through gifting and trusts to minimize the tax impact on your estate, preserving more wealth for future generations.

Trust Packages

At the Law Offices of Paula Hannah, PLC, we understand that estate planning is a crucial step in securing your family's future. Our Trust Packages are designed to make the process smooth, ensuring your wishes are carried out effectively.

Our Trust Packages may include the following documents and services:

  • Revocable Living Trust

    A powerful tool to manage and distribute your assets according to your wishes, avoiding probate and providing privacy.

  • Pour Over Will for Each Individual

    Complementing the trust, ensuring no asset is left out and simplifying the probate process.

  • Certificate of Trust

    A condensed version of the trust, offering a snapshot for third parties without disclosing sensitive details.

  • Financial Power of Attorney for Each Individual

    Empower someone you trust to handle financial matters on your behalf in case of incapacity.

  • Living Will for Each Individual

    Express your medical treatment preferences, ensuring your values guide critical healthcare decisions.

  • Health Care Powers for Each Individual (Including HIPAA Releases)

    Authorize specific individuals to make healthcare decisions and access medical records on your behalf.

  • Preparation and Recordation of One Deed to Retitle Real Property into the Name of the Trust

    Securely transfer real estate into the trust, streamlining the management and distribution of your assets.

  • Instructions for Retitling Assets

    Step-by-step guidance on transferring assets to the trust, ensuring a seamless integration into your estate plan.

Will Packages

For those seeking a more traditional approach to estate planning, our Will Packages services provide a robust framework, they include the following documents and services:

  • Last Will and Testament for Each Individual

    Clearly outline your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets, guardianship of minors, and more.

  • Financial Power of Attorney for Each Individual

    Appoint a trusted individual to manage your financial affairs in case of incapacity.

  • Living Will for Each Individual

    Specify your preferences for end-of-life medical care, offering guidance to your loved ones.

  • Health Care Powers for Each Individual (Including HIPAA Releases)

    Designate individuals to make healthcare decisions on your behalf and access medical records.

  • Preparing and Recordation of One Beneficiary Deed for Real Property

    Ensure a smooth transfer of real property to your chosen beneficiaries outside of probate.

At the Law Offices of Paula Hannah, PLC, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, attentive service, making the estate planning process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and take the first step towards securing your legacy.

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A second-generation Arizona native, Paula is dedicated to providing comprehensive estate planning services, creating an environment of trust, and making the process enjoyable for clients.

As a wife and mother, she empathizes with the challenges of a busy life, passionately helping people create estate plans to protect their loved ones, ensure their wishes, and safeguard their wealth for lasting legacies.

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